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2022 Year in Review

We’ve come to the end of 2022 and what a year it’s been!

At the start of the year we made a number of critical adjustments that dramatically changed the roadmap for 2022.  Key issues in the previous version of the app that we sought to address included that players were constrained to making obstacle-course style games only, the multiplayer experience was still clunky, and block-based coding limited the types of experiences that were possible to create.

With this in mind, we pulled back on public updates and focused on delivering on our new ambitious roadmap. We spent a lot of time shipping builds internally and to select beta testers. After many iterations and a ton of feedback, we released “SCS Worlds” in the fall - the biggest update since we first launched.

In short, SCS Worlds is a sandbox multiplayer game in which it is possible to create immersive 3D virtual worlds with custom experiences using Lua code.

There are many, many important changes in SCS Worlds.  A few major ones are:

  1. Building - Players can easily and quickly build, customize, and publish worlds that look and feel just like the well-known games that people actually play.  Creators in SCS Worlds have made role-playing games, sports, platformers, arcade shooters, party games, story-telling games…and obviously, obstacle courses!
  2. Coding - we switched from block-based to text-based coding (using Lua), and it has been a complete and literal game-changer. The new editor is extremely beginner friendly while also allowing advanced players to do pretty much whatever they would like to do.
  3. Multiplayer - the experience of playing together online is now intuitive and seamless. There is just one step to playing together; open the game. That’s it.

This was a huge year for us; SCS Worlds is the foundation upon which we will deliver the magical experiences we envisioned when we started this journey. We’re hyped for 2023 and can’t wait to show you what’s possible in SCS Worlds!

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Jamie Larson