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Level Up Your Building With New Shapes & Custom Properties

Coming hot on the heels of the building interface update are some new features to really make it shine! We’re back again with a little something for the World hackers and the architects. The level of creativity and complexity of your Worlds are skyrocketing, so it only makes sense that we toss in some new features to make building, and the building process, even better.

Arriving in SuperCode are a bunch of fresh hackables to diversify those Worlds. We're talking a new batch of simple shapes that you can mix and match to create interesting geometry! Following that up is a new, convenient way to manage your hackables using custom properties via the Inspector panel.


Introducing: Shapes! There's all kinds, from cylinders to door frames to... a soccer ball?

What we have here is a smorgasbord of basic 3D shapes to spice up the geometry of your World. You can combine them with existing entities, one another, and the new Scale tool to create some really interesting World designs. We know those creative brains of yours are already working!

Okay, but let’s address the elephant in the room. These are looking a little stale. They don’t have any color. Well, that’s why there's a dedicated coloring tool. Let’s say we want those shapes to be green. We’ll just play around with the RGB values or the color wheel, and viola! It's green.

If want to color them the old-fashioned way in code, all the shapes are hackable! You can use code to add dynamic color changes and whatever else you want.

With this update, the team really wanted to round out the selection of basic shapes at your disposal. They join the land blocks, ramps, and chamfers as the versatile building blocks that make up the foundation of every World. They look simple, but we’ve all seen firsthand the types of complex Worlds SuperCoders have been cooking up.

We can't wait to see the masterpiece you'll create with these new entities!

Custom Properties

Tweaking that weapon’s damage numbers? Fine-tuning that robot’s patrol route? We’ve all been there: opening the scripts, changing one value, saving, closing the scripts, testing. That’s a whole lot of steps, and you’ll be repeating that like 10 more times. It’s a struggle, or rather, it was.

With Custom Properties, you can build out a list of properties, including numbers, booleans, strings, vectors, and colors, for each hackable entity using the custom properties section in the Inspector panel. What does this mean for you? It means that once these properties have been created and hooked up to your script, you can tweak them without ever having to modify your code!

This also means that you no longer need to make copies of your scripts if you're planning to reuse the code for other entities. If you're building a robot army, all the robots can use the same script. Just link their damage, movement, etc. in the script to custom properties and tweak those in the individual robots' inspector panels. Boom, reusable scripts.

Here’s a quick walkthrough:

So, let’s say we want to set the movement speed of the players in this World. We start by creating a number property on a hackable entity, like an Object. We want everyone to be super fast, so we’ll set the value to 10 (the maximum speed).

In the script, we’ll fetch the value of that number property, then we’ll create the code for setting the move speed when a player joins the World.

And that’s it! Now if we decide that a more moderate speed would be better, we can just change the value right from the window. No need to scroll through your scripts!

Try it out for yourself.

Stay Connected

The next update will be here before you know it, but until then, reach out to the Senpai in the Senpai tab or join our Discord server for more info on SuperCode. We have some neat stuff coming down the pipeline that you absolutely don’t want to miss.

Until next time!

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Jamie Larson