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New World Editor & New Building Content!

There have been so many new features and improvements making their way into the SuperCode World Editor this year, and we’ll be going over even more in this blog post! In fact, there’s been so many changes that the old interface just can’t support it all… We want you to have all the tools and quality-of-life features you need, but what’s the point if it’s too hard to navigate? That’s why we’re here today to talk to you about a World Editor overhaul.

The updated interface makes it easy to locate all the tools you need, groups relevant features together, and provides easier access to the reference content like learning materials, documentation, and the sound effects library. The team has also taken the opportunity to overhaul the tool gizmos as well.

Okay, so, a new interface for building and new tool gizmos are on the docket, what else? How about a brand-new tool, fresh guides, and a whole category of new entities? And all of it is accessible from the World Editor.

World Editor Interface Overhaul

Let’s start with a closer look at this new interface.

Oooh, fancy.

The recently overhauled Inventory and Entity Bar are still accessible from the bottom, but you’ll notice the concentration of toolbars at the top now. All related tools and options are grouped together so you shouldn’t have any issues locating all your favourite features.

In the left-most group, you’ll notice some new icons for the new learning content covered later and the Senpai chat. Also present is the Script Explorer where you can access both your scripts and the script-related documentation.

The middle toolbar contains all your building tools, including one new tool that we’ll dive into soon. The tool sub-menus are now conveniently located right underneath the main tools as well.

The remaining functions, like copying and pasting, are all to the right of the tools, similar to how they were before. We’ve also grouped the screenshot, test, and publish icons up there too, so that all the pieces of the publishing workflow are in the same place.

If you need to reference any cosmetics and sound effects for your NPCs or whatever else, that’s up in the top-right corner along with the energy meter.

Finally, check out the new Inspector Panel! Now you can check the properties (position, rotation, scale, etc) of selected entities all in one place.

Scale Tool & Gizmo Changes

All right, what’s this fifth tool? Introducing Scale, a new tool that gives you the power to resize, squash, and stretch entities! When you have an entity selected and the Scale tool equipped, you’ll see a new gizmo that lets you manipulate the scale of the entity on any of the 3 axes. That tree is too short? Make it taller? That trap not covering enough ground? Stretch it out!

Best of all, resizing entities will also affect the range of their effects. For example, your sensors can detect at longer distances and the flame vents can shoot fire further.

The right amount of firepower for any situation.

While we’re at it, let’s take a look at a few minor changes to a few other tools. The Select/Translate tool’s new gizmo now makes it obvious that you can move the entities in all directions. The Rotate tool’s new gizmo now lets you rotate entities on other axes besides the y-axis.

The Learn Tab

Let’s say you’re having a little trouble getting the hang of these tools. The new Learn tab will be your new best friend! You might’ve noticed it on the Dashboard, but it can also be accessed whilst building, where you can put all that new knowledge to use. There are concise, easy-to-read guides written by master builders like Spec, Dell, and other contributors! They also included some videos and pictures. Feel free to resize and drag the Learn content window around while you work!

Useful guides in your back pocket.

Right now, there’s a number of guides to help you get started with playing Worlds, building them, hacking them, and designing them. We also have “How To” guides, which show you how to make specific mechanics or game modes. If you’re a SuperCode Club member, be sure to let the Senpai know if there are other guides you’d want!

Animal Entities & FSMs

Last on the list are Animals, a new type of NPC for your programming pleasure. All the farm animals you’d want are here: cows, horses, chickens, pigs, and more. The new entity class is the perfect test subject for the new FSM, or Finite State Machine, module that’s making its way into SuperCode. Animals, by default, can move around and eat/graze, but with the FSM, you can add more states to really customize their behaviour. This goes for NPCs and Robots as well!

The gang's all here!

Read up on the FSM module in the reference documentation if you want to see more of the nitty gritty. You can make your rooster chase targets, attack enemies, patrol a set route, and anything else you can imagine! We expect our biggest coders are already planning some complex AI characters with this!

Stay Connected

Remember, all this is available right from the new World Editor interface. Create a new World and play around with all this new content! And as always, reach out to the Senpai in the Senpai tab or join our Discord server for more info on SuperCode.

Catch you later!

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Jamie Larson