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Interior Building Update

We always say that great things are around the corner – today, we’re giving you a quick tour of our newest content update.

Introducing the first of several new additions to the SuperCode building experience: the 2023 building asset overhaul! A while back, we added new tools to the game to speed up the building process. This time, dozens of new assets are making their way to everyone’s inventory along with a fresh asset placement update! So many more options to keep that creativity flowing!

It’s What’s on the Inside

The primary focus is to create a foundation for building interior spaces. Players have built giant cities, created countryside vistas, and many more works of art, but nothing quite replaces a fully furnished room.

The upcoming batch of assets has a little bit of everything. Chairs and tables? Of course. Lights? Obviously. Beds? Absolutely. A functioning fridge that feeds you gems? Duh. Whether it’s an office space, a bedroom, a bathroom, or a kitchen, builders will have the assets they need to build out whatever space they want. And we didn’t forget about the outdoors either. Interior spaces have definitely been underserved, but we figured some new outdoorsy assets would help round out the list.


Full Asset List


  • Wooden Chair*
  • Wooden Stool*
  • Couch*
  • Office Chair*
  • Toilet*
  • Lawn Chair*
  • Park Bench*


  • Metal Bed*
  • Wooden Bed*
  • Sleeping Bag*


  • Table A
  • Table B
  • Modular Table Piece
  • Modular Table Corner
  • Desk


  • Potted Plant A
  • Potted Plant B
  • Potted Plant C
  • Pot A
  • Pot B
  • Pot C


  • Ceiling Light*
  • Tube Light*
  • Lamp*
  • Floor Lamp*
  • Chandelier


  • Campfire*
  • Bathtub*
  • Tent*
  • Fridge*
  • Wall-Mount Sink
  • Shelf

Hi-Tech Homes

Anything on the list above with an asterisk (*) next to it is an interactable decor asset. New decorative assets are great, but nothing beats some good ol’ interactivity. You can sit on the chairs, sleep on the beds, hang out in the tents, toggle the lights, and more. Best of all, interactable assets are hackable.

This means builders can add their own code to breathe new life into them. For example, “restable” assets like chairs and beds heal the player’s health by default. A unique asset like the fridge will spawn gems for players whenever they interact with it. With code, you can make them do anything! Consider making your own game of musical chairs or using a tent as shelter from danger. The only class of interactable assets that can’t be hacked are the lights, which are toggleable and can be hooked up to switches.

Pixel-Perfect Placement

To go along with your asset care package is a neat new update that allows for the precise placement of assets. While foundational assets such as blocks, walls, and platforms will still obey the existing voxel unit grid, smaller assets like decor items have more room to play. For these assets, the grid has been subdivided further to allow for placement in different locations within a traditional unit.


This opens the door for us to add modular decor assets to give builders more creative options. Now you can put a Wooden Chair right next to a Desk or plop Potted Plant A on top of a Wooden Table. A Taffy Tree is cool on its own, but what if you want to take it indoors? Try placing down one of the new pots first, then the tree can go on top. That’s a Potted Taffy Tree!

What's Next?

Reminder, this is only the first in a series of new building updates. Next up are new tools and tweaks to round out interior building and create more opportunities for player creativity to shine. Make sure to join our Discord server for the latest on SuperCode and keep an eye out for future blog updates!

Until next time!

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Jamie Larson