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New Update

We’re always looking for new ways to level up across every aspect of the SuperCode experience. The team has spent the bulk of the new year on new features that we’re very excited to share with you all soon. But, as the game gets bigger and bigger, it’s important to spend some time restructuring our interface and improving the user experience as a whole. We wouldn’t be setting much of an example for our builders! On top of that, it’s important that you have the tools to create intuitive and efficient interfaces for your worlds as well.

The jump to PC and Mac gave us the opportunity to give the building interface a facelift. For starters, gone is the more abrasive sound palette of yesteryear. In its place, more pleasant sounds for a more pleasant building experience. We know builders spend a lot of time on their worlds, and they deserve the best we have to offer. New sounds are quickly making their way into other aspects of the experience as well, including Avatar Customization and Play mode.  


Also arriving is the first wave of keyboard shortcuts. The camera has been mapped to WASD, with rotation on Q and E. All the tools have been mapped to the number keys. Everything else, from undo/redo to saving, also have their own hotkeys. Hover over any of the buttons to see what they are. And don’t worry about whether you have a PC or a Mac, SuperCode will always provide you the correct hotkeys for your device.

The last addition to building is version 2.0 of the all-important Log Console. Anyone already coding in SuperCode knows all too well the never-ending process of opening and closing the Log Console while they test their worlds. No need to bother with that anymore! The Log Console is now resizeable and moveable, so you can see what’s going on in the world and the console at the same time. Just open it once, resize it, and place it wherever you please.


Nothing pulls people in like good aesthetics. First impressions are everything; that moment when you first set eyes on a new game is crucial. The same goes for the worlds our builders make. We’re finalizing some brand-new tools to give builders more creative freedom when it comes to the visual direction of their worlds. Those will be coming shortly, but available now are new fonts to add some spice to your worlds’ UI. For every aesthetic, there’s a great font to complement it! Pair them up with text colors, font sizes, text backgrounds, and post-processing for endless possibilities.

Also new is an easy way for the camera to follow anything you want from entities to players. Tired of not being unable to properly capture the action? With this new addition to our camera module, tracking players in your world is a breeze! It’d be perfect for spectating players in a competitive free-for-all game mode or cycling through options in a custom shop.

Use Controls.setCameraFollow(target, subject) and try it out! The target argument is the viewing player and the subject is the player or entity that the camera follows.

Still difficult to wrap your head around? We saved the biggest for last — say hello to Events! Events are one of the most essential pillars of the SuperCode coding educational experience. We have documentation, we have guides, and we have videos, but nothing beats a live session with one of our "senpai" right in the game!

In the Main Menu, you’ll find a new tab for Events. There, you can check out the list of all scheduled play and building sessions. Clicking on one brings you to the event’s page, where you can join when the event starts, or leave nice comments before and after the fact! Think of events like a group call, but the host — your senpai — has the power to teleport everyone in the event into different worlds. If you join a live event, you’ll be connected to a call. A new window with a list of connected users plus options to mute and deafen your microphone will also be available, just like other communication platforms like Discord.


And that’s just the tech; we’ve been hard at work developing plans for sessions to get players familiar with the ins and outs of SuperCode and programming. There are two types of events: Hangouts and Club Events. Hangouts are casual sessions that all players can join to play and share cool worlds! Club Events are smaller events exclusive to SuperCode Club members (more on this soon!) where you can build and test worlds together.  

That’s all we have to show for now, but keep a close eye on SuperCode because new features are just inches away from the finish line! Like always, be sure to check out our Discord server to keep up to date with the game.

Be right back!

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Jamie Larson